As a client of the Kult Studio (full name of the entrepreneur: Radosław Błaszczyński Trade and Service Company „Koalicja”, Kazimierzowskie Estate No. 8, item 11, 31-840 Kraków, NIP: 6771014948), hereinafter referred to as „Studio” before the beginning of the tattoo or piercing treatment (hereinafter referred to as the „treatment”) you are required to read the regulations for the provision of services, which rules are an integral part of the contract you conclude with the Studio.
At the same time, you are required to read our Privacy Policy, which indicates the legal grounds for the processing of your data and is integral part of these regulations. When you make an initial reservation, you are required to pay a deposit of 100-500 PLN, maximum within 2 business days from the date of booking, personally in the studio, by cash card or bank transfer. Reservation is effectively made upon payment of the deposit. You have the right to change the date or its cancellation no later than 3 working days before the booked day.
Change of the date later than 3 working days before the agreed date,failure to appear on the agreed date is tantamount to the loss of the deposit.

Remember that making a reservation is tantamount to acceptance of our regulations.
Prices of the treatment:
 – tattoos are set individually, starting from 250 PLN.
 – piercings are set individually
Each project is priced individually, and the price depends on the size, location and complexity of the
tattoo or piercing. After the surgery, the down payment is counted towards its price.
As a Studio, we have the right to change the date reserved by you up to 1 business day preceding the booked date. If you do not accept the new date, we will refund your down payment. We also reserve the right to refuse to perform the treatment without giving a reason, in which case the advance payment will also be returned to you.
We recommend you consultation before the appointment to determine the pattern, size, manner of work, location and other elements of tattooing or piercing, but it is not obligatory (subject to the next sentence).
In the case of piercing of intimate places, consultation before the surgery is obligatory.
Before starting the surgery, you must complete a statement regarding your state of health, and it isobligatory to get acquainted with the possible consequences after the surgery, as well as the procedure of tattoo care/the place where the piercing will be performed.
Remember that tattoo is made on the skin, which is a carrier material and also a difficult material, it also refers to the procedure of piercing.