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If you have any questions or concerns, remember that we are here for you. Don't be afraid to ask. Please make an appointment in advance for both piercing and earring replacement. We would like to give you maximum attention and time. You can make an appointment in several ways: by phone, e-mail or by booking an appointment through our calendar.

How to book an appointment fo tattooing?

First, click on the virtual gallery of our tattooists’ works. Each of them develops their own individual style and with the help of a tattoo machine differently transfers ideas into reality. Pick your favourite artist who will make your tattoo, but if you are in doubt, we’d love to help you make the best choice.

First, if it’s possible visit our tattoo shop and make yourself at home. We will answer each of your questions and we’d love to complete your suggestions with original proposals.

You can make an appointment for an exact date in person, by phone or email, and you have your booking made after:

– fixing the size and type of tattoo and the part of the body for tattooing

– setting the exact date and time

– paying a deposit- in person or on the bank account (PayPal is also available)


Our bank account details:

Radoslaw Blaszczynski
F.H.U Koalicja
Karmelicka 9
31-133 Krakow
Bank Ochrony Srodowiska
IBAN: PL02154011152064606004460001

REMEMBER: in the title of the bank transfer write the exact date and time of the previously arranged tattooing as well as the name of the tattooist

Please keep the payment confirmation.

How much does a tattoo cost?

We know you would like to hear the exact price, but unfortunately we can’t tell you that. Each design is calculated individually, and the price depends on the size, part of the body on which it’s performed as well as how far the tattooing is complicated.

We start at 300 PLN. The price for a session is from 700 to 1800 PLN. What does the price depend on? Firstly, it depends on the size and on the duration of the session which might take 4,6 or even 8 hours. Secondly, it depends on the tattooist chosen, because each of them works differently and at a different pace.

In the session is included the time which a tattooist takes for preparing and drawing a sketch of the design or matching it to the parts of the body and getting the client ready for tattooing

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The paid deposit guarantees that the booked date will be kept


Deposit isn’t subject to refund because you book our tattooist’s working time, however the appointment can be changed without loss of the deposit 3 days prior to the fixed date.


In the case of multi-session tattoo, the paid amount of money will be refunded from the last session.


In the case you don’t keep the appointment, you lose your deposit to cover up the loss the tattoo shop had due to the change in its schedule.

When can I see my design of tattoo?

We never send the tattoo designs by email earlier, because the design is prepared before or during the first session depending on the working system of the individual tattooist.


In order to create the best design for you, your precise information and all possible materials ( photos / graphics ) which are sent to us will help us a lot.


Don’t worry if you want to change any details in your design even on the day of the tattooing session. You can always count on the tattooist who will definitely resolve your doubts or change new ideas to a creative proposal.

How to get ready for the session?

Don’t drink alcohol the day before. Sleep well. Start the day with a big breakfast. You will definitely make it, and your body will be grateful to you and react better to tattooing.


If you need support, bring along one accompanying person at most, who will be waiting for in reception.


Remember that tattooing is for adults, that’s why the presence of children in the tattoo shop is undesirable.


Don’t put on your favourite T-shirt or trousers for the session, because you definitely don’t want to have then stained with ink. It would be more practical to put on freshly-washed clothes so as not to regret loss of them.


But first of all KEEP CALM & MAKE IT! It’s just a tattoo 😉

How to care for your tattoo?

Healing of a tattoo lasts around 14 days and depends on individual predispositions as well as physiological features.


Remember that even a best –performed tattoo might lose a lot of its quality due to improper behaviour while healing. Observing the following rules will definitely make the whole process easier.


Don’t drink alcohol over 72 hours after the tattooing session or other alcoholic drinks, as well as substances causing blood hypertension, because they bring about strong bleeding, and in extreme cases lead to spilling out the pigment under the skin or even rejecting it.


  • at least 3-4 times a day gently wash the skin with using a clean hand (never use harsh sponge) – it’s the best idea to use lukewarm water and anti-bacteria soap, keeping in mind that you shouldn’t get the tattoo soaked very gently dry it with a disposable paper towel – the skin should be matt, afterwards protect the tattoo with bandage (foil or undercoat which you will be given in our tattoo shop);
  • change the foil preferably every 4 hours within the first period of 24 hours after the tattoo had been done, every time wash it,dry and rub the tattoo area with proper cream;
  • to care for the tattoo we recommend Easy Tattoo® cream line which should be applied for the washed skin 3-4 times a day until healing is complete;
  • don’t let the wound get soiled, and after it skins over (which takes about 3 days) stop using foil and let the skin breathe in clean conditions;
  • don’t put dressing on the wound or don’t apply bandages which might cause scalds of the tattoo;
  • avoid clothes which chafe the tattoo and bring about irritation;
  • don’t sunbathe while healing, resign a solarium, sauna or swimming pool;

Remember that occurrence of scabs is most often caused improper caring for the tattoo and is not a normal situation. After tearing off the scabs a scar might occur, there might be a partly loss of pigment, so if the changes occur you’d better not touch the areas.


Not observing the rules above might cause fading, damaging and loss of tattoo as well as various health – threatening infections.

How to schedule a tattoo?

The best way to do it is in one of two ways. The first one is to browse through our studio's portfolio and available artists and choose the one that suits you best.


Then, just write to us at the studio through any means (Messenger, Instagram, email) and schedule a convenient date. The second way is to contact us with your tattoo idea. It's best to send us inspiration for the tattoo you're interested in, specify the size of the tattoo you want, and where on the body. We will select the appropriate tattoo artist working in the style that interests you, estimate the cost of such a tattoo, and set a convenient date for the execution.


When is the best time to get a tattoo?

The best time to get a tattoo is when we are sure that nothing will hinder its healing and hygiene maintenance. If we are planning trips, vacations, especially those involving the use of pools, sea, or sunbathing, it is best to choose another date. Exposure of a fresh tattoo to contaminated water or sunlight unfortunately can lead to infection, loss of tattoo quality, and various other complications. It's also advisable to get a tattoo when our skin is not heavily tanned from travel or tanning beds, as some shadows or pigments may not look good after healing, as well as after the tan fades. Additionally, the tattoo artist will have a hard time working as there won't be a clear contrast between tanned skin and ink, which can also result in lower quality of the final effect.

How long is the wait for a tattoo appointment?

Everything depends on the tattoo you're interested in. Small tattoos can often be done the same day or within the next few days. Preparing designs for small tattoos doesn't take long, so the waiting time is not long. When it comes to large tattoos, it largely depends on the chosen style and tattoo artist. The waiting period can range from a few days to several months.

So it's better not to delay and schedule an appointment today to find a convenient date quickly and easily 🙂



Should I shave before a tattoo session?

It is not necessary. Before each session, we prepare the skin for tattooing, which includes disinfecting and shaving with a disposable razor. This helps reduce swelling that may occur after shaving at home, as well as any rash that occurs on the skin after shaving. However, if you plan to get a tattoo on your head, under your chin, or if you have abundant hair in the tattooed area, such as on your chest or back, it may be difficult to shave with a disposable razor. It's worth trimming the hair as much as possible with a trimmer, and we will shave it to zero on the spot in the studio.

Why us?

We are one of the oldest tattoo studios in Poland. Under our wings, we gather a team composed of many tattoo artists working in practically all possible styles. These are experienced individuals who have worked on various skins, with various clients, and know what they're doing. In addition, we have qualified piercers who will fulfill your piercing dreams and adorn your ears, noses, lips, or whatever you fancy. They will also assist in case any problems with healing arise. And if you want to get rid of an old, unsuccessful tattoo, then we invite you to our Laser Wars, where we'll remove that youthful mistake from your skin. We'll take care of you comprehensively.

Does tattooing hurt?

Unfortunately, there is only one answer to this question: yes. Tattoos hurt, but they are worth it 😉 However, there is no need to be afraid. The vast majority of clients we have received over all these years unanimously say:

"It wasn't that bad at all."

Tattooing is a constant pain that one can largely get used to, and it is not felt so much. It intensifies along with fatigue, so the longer the session, the greater the discomfort. The pain will also be stronger if, for example, we do not come to the session well-rested. But generally, it's bearable pain.

Does laser removal hurt?

Yes, you will feel pain during the laser treatment. However, laser tattoo removal sessions do not last very long, and the pain is easily bearable. Right after the procedure, you will receive a cooling dressing that will relieve all the pain.

Does piercing hurt?

Yes, but remember that piercing is just a split-second pain. The pain during piercing subsides faster than it appears, so you have nothing to worry about.

What can you do if you don't have any idea for a tattoo?

Illustrations, sketches, drawings and photos always make a good inspiration, so preferably surf the Internet.


Avoid designs from catalogues and bet on individualism. All in all, it is you who will be wearing this tattoo all life long and you won’t want to meet a person with the same tattoo design anywhere you go.


Make use of our experience and bet on authorial design, solely created for you –it will do if you are open to suggestions and you will trust our tattooists.


Watch the works of our tattooists and check out the style in which they work and what kind of designs occur in them. We don’t make copies and every design individually matches the client’s needs, so you can discuss all your ideas with your tattooist during free consulting. It will do if you let us know when you are going to drop by in the shop.


If you hear that something is impossible to do, it is not because our tattooist is not willing to do it or he is unable to do it, but that’s why we depend on the best possible final effect.

Do I have to be over 18?
How do you care for hygiene, sterilization and safety?

Your safety is the highest priority for us. We don’t write it so because it is really proper, but because we really think so!


We only work with the highest quality equipment, because we don’t give risk any chance, regarding your and our safety.


But those claims are just mere words, so the best recommendation is the opinion of Sanitary–Epidemiological Station, which controls our shop regularly.

Do you perform covers?

Certainly, we do. Like in the case of every tattoo, we also treat this issue individually.


You can’t do without good quality photos of the tattoo which you want to cover up, taken in the right light. However, it would be more convenient if you turn up here in person and you show the tattoo which you want to change. Only then we could decide if we undertake corrections.


Don’t forget that cover-up must be much larger than the original design and you can’t cover up a dark colour with a light one. Just be the most patient because it’s easier to make a tattoo from the basics than to correct an unsuccessful tattoo. Sometimes you can’t do without a few sessions of laser tattoo removing. This makes it easier and often allows cover. We work with Dr. Blast.


Obey your tattooist, all in all he is more experienced and he ‘ll advise you how you can solve your problem. If your tattoo is somehow a mistake, don’t copy this once again.

When should tattoos not be done?

To undergo the procedure, you need to be in good shape. Therefore, if you have just recovered from an illness, especially one for which antibiotics were prescribed, you should wait about two weeks after completing the treatment. Similarly, when taking other strong medications, such as Izotek, it is advisable to wait. We also do not tattoo while taking such medications. Skin diseases that have been experienced will also be an obstacle, and any changes on the skin should be discussed with a dermatologist before starting tattooing, especially those that occur in the area to be tattooed.

Additionally, you should come rested for your tattoo session. Therefore, if you work night shifts and proper rest before the session won't be possible, you should choose another date. The same goes for alcohol and other substances.

What should I bring to the session?

For the session, it's best to bring along a bag filled with a good mood and positive attitude 🙂 It's worth stocking up on snacks or even lunch. We take breaks during tattooing, so it will be easy to take a breather and have something to eat, drink tea, or water. Remember to dress appropriately, or bring clothes that you won't mind getting stained with paint (which unfortunately can happen, especially during large tattoos).

Where does tattooing hurt the most?

Pain is an individual matter, depending on your pain threshold. Everyone reacts differently, and for some, a certain place may turn out to be the most painful, while for others, it will be like a walk in the park among chirping birds. However, as places definitely more painful than others, we can distinguish hands, palms, the inside of the elbow, the area under the knee, neck, and feet.

Can an old tattoo be refreshed?

As tattoos lose quality over time, you can consider a small refresh. If the tattoo is properly done, without scars, spills, or other damage, you can redo the colors, improve the contours, and breathe new life into it. If you want to find out if your tattoo is suitable for improvement, write to us and send a photo of your tattoo, and we will quickly assess whether it will be possible or arrange a consultation for you.


How to choose the right tattoo artist?

If you know what tattoo you're interested in or at least have chosen a style, it's worth checking out the portfolios of our tattoo artists and see who from our team suits you best.


If you don't want to search on your own and want to get advice from experts, just write to us, send us what you're interested in, and we'll take care of the rest 😉


Are consultations possible before the session?

Yes, of course. You can always come to the studio for consultations during opening hours. However, if you want to meet with a specific tattoo artist, it's better to schedule such consultations in advance to make sure that the tattoo artist will be in the studio at that time.

How does a tattoo session go?

We meet at the studio at the agreed time. There's no need to arrive early. To start, you'll receive documents to fill out, and then we'll hand you over to the tattoo artist. They will show you the ready design of your tattoo, and if you approve it, we proceed. If not, you provide the tattoo artist with information on what changes you'd like in the project, and they will make those adjustments. After the project is approved, we move on to selecting the appropriate size, ensuring it fits perfectly with your body flow and complements any existing tattoos you may have. Then, we prepare the stencil, apply it to your skin, and begin the tattooing process. Throughout the day, we take breaks for a breath of fresh air or a meal. If you start feeling unwell, don't hesitate to inform the tattoo artist, and they will respond accordingly. After the tattooing is completed, we clean the tattoo and take a photo. Here, we ask for your patience because a high-quality photo of the tattoo is an opportunity for the tattoo artist to further promote their work and attract more clients. After everything, you'll receive instructions on how to care for your fresh tattoo, and a dressing will be applied. We'll likely see you at the next session 🙂

How to dress for a tattoo?

Tattooing is not a fashion show. Don't wear clothes that you'll regret later. Unfortunately, during the session, you may get dirty, whether it's from stencil ink, tattoo ink, or any of the cosmetics used. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these substances doesn't come off easily, especially from light-colored clothes. Come dressed in something disposable; ultimately, tossing it away after the session won't be a problem for you 😉

How to prepare for a piercing?

Get a good night's sleep, come rested. Refrain from consuming alcohol and other substances 24 hours before the piercing. Inform the piercer about any health problems or medications you're taking. Just because a particular piercing can be technically done doesn't mean it's worth risking your health and comfort.

When not to get a piercing?

Don't get new piercings if you're planning a vacation involving swimming in the sea, pool, or lake. Throughout the entire healing period, take a break from swimming, and additionally, avoid soaking the fresh piercing, even in the bathtub. Don't get them done if you're attending a party on the same day, especially one where alcohol will be consumed.

How many piercings can be done during one session?

During one session, you can get 3-4 piercings. However, there are also some limits here. We won't do 4 piercings close together, for example, if they all would be in one cartilage. We also don't recommend piercing cartilage in both ears at once because we know it's impossible to sleep all night on your back, and you can't sleep on fresh piercings. Everything we do is to ensure your comfort and safety, so if we refuse a piercing or a larger number of piercings, it's only because we want what's best for you 😉

Do you use anesthesia?

We do not use anesthesia. Numbing cream during tattooing can cause increased swelling on the tattooed skin after tattooing, and the tattoo colors may be less saturated than without using the cream.

During piercing, anesthesia is also not used. The piercing happens so quickly that there is no need for it.