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Roman Zarzeczny

Roman focuses on geometry and ornaments in a broad sense, finding inspiration everywhere. For fun, he's tattooing figures, linocuts, and colored or black-and-white organic plants. See more

Rafał Rafsmiler

Strong contours, minimalistic palette of colors and moderate shading make each of his tattoos really impressive. See more

Kasia Zagórska – Zagórczi

Crazy, acidic colours combined with a slightly disturbing and dark climate are characteristic of Kasia’s work. See more

Joanna Inkaust

Her works mainly refer to graphic motives taken from animated and inanimate nature. Graduate of Cracow Academy of Pedagogy. See more

Tekla Ink

Tekla did her first tattoo in 2009, just before starting her engineering studies. She recalls her 'first tattoo time' with a slight smile. She started tattooing in 2015, at that time travelling between Krakow and Tri-city to choose Krakow as the final location See more


Enthusiast of occult, gothic, demonic, horror, all mythology as well as fauna, flora, fantasy and computer games. See more


She stands firmly on the ground, and her works capture the beauty of the surrounding world. All in black. See more

Piotr Kmita – KWH

A tattoo artist who performs both colorful tattoos and works in grays. See more

Marcin Małczyk

Marcin likes neotraditional most, but he also likes to work in grays. See more

Anna Stella

Ania is a graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology. She has been involved in tattooing since 2019. Her works are dominated by mythological and floral elements. See more

Natalia – Yooshka

Creates graphic tattoos in black. She loves the motifs of female characters, which is why they often intertwine in her designs. See more

Mania – Lynx

Her works are made mainly in shades of gray. She is happy to make geometries,dotwork and mandalas. See more

Patrycja Pająk

Patrycja works mainly in blacks and grays. He describes his style as „dotwork realism”. See more

Patryk Patol

Drawing is his passion. He works mainly in grays. See more

Filip Port

Filip specializes in shaded realistic tattoo. He is happy to take portraits. See more


From 2018 she was already perfecting her craft as an apprentice. She has been tattooing full time since 2019. Her designs are based on very colourful neo-traditional style, which is evolving all the time, towards newschool or a modernized Japanese style. See more


He has been dealing with letters over 15 years, that’s a guarantee that every inscription will be 100% authentic. See more

Jacek Smutek

He specializes in dotwork, but also enjoys working in neotraditional style of tattoos. He’s a funny guy. See more

Michał Stacha – czyński

Michał makes mainly black and gray tattoo, dotwork, shaded realism and geometry. See more

Dagmara Stefaniak

She’s a positively twisted animal lover, adores colour and glitter gloss. Her works bring to mind luxury jewellery. See more


Wade works mainly in black. He is happy to make simple,tattoos as well as more complex ones with lots of black. See more


He finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him, in the books of his favourite artists and in his colleagues in the tattoo industry. See more

Gloomy Sunday

Adela likes black and gray shades the most, she loves simple, sketchy drawings. See more

Eliza Pawlik

Eliza became interested in tattooing in 2016 when she got her first tattoo. Two years later she started drawing and tattooing on fake skin. She is most comfortable with fine line style, black and grey. See more

Mateusz – Kapitan

Mateusz claims to be an unfulfilled botanist and therefore includes a lot of floral elements into his designs. He loves to play with dots and black lines - he is still experimenting. See more

Mucha Tattooer

Misha works mainly in blacks and greys, but sometimes in color. The preferred style is realism See more

Piotrek – Laser

Piotr removes unwanted tattoos using very short nanosecond laser radiation with high power density. Since 2016 he's effectively fought tattoo seatbacks. See more

Jakub Jasek

Kuba is a supporter of black graphic tattoos referring to engravings and illustrations created with fineliners. As a beginner tattoo artist, he is still looking for the best means of expression for himself See more