I.As a Client of Kult Tattoo Studio (full name of the entrepreneur: Radosław Błaszczyński Trading and Service Company “Koalicja”,
ul. Karmelicka 9/3, 31-133 Kraków NIP: PL6771014948, hereinafter referred to as the “Studio”), before the commencement of the tattoo or piercing procedure (hereinafter referred to as the “procedure”), you are obliged to familiarize yourself with the terms of service, which are an integral part of the agreement between you and the Studio. At the same time, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy, which sets out the legal basis for processing your data and is an integral part of this regulation.

II. When making an initial appointment reservation, you are obligated to pay a deposit of at least 100 PLN, no later than 2 business days from the date of reservation, personally at the Studio’s premises through cash payment, card payment, or bank transfer. The reservation is effectively made upon payment of the deposit. You have the right to change or cancel the appointment no later than 3 business days before the reserved date. Changing the appointment later than 3 business days before the agreed date, failure to appear at the agreed time, is equivalent to the loss of the deposit. Booking a new appointment, for its confirmation, requires a re-payment of a minimum of 100 PLN. Remember that making a reservation implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

III. Prices for procedures are as follows:
1.Tattoo prices are determined individually, starting from 300 PLN.
2.Piercing prices are according to the current price list available at
Each design is priced individually, and the cost depends on the size, location, and complexity of the tattoo or piercing. After the procedure is completed, the deposit is credited towards its cost.
3.As a Studio, we reserve the right to change your reserved appointment up to 1 business day before the reserved date. If you do not accept the new appointment, we will refund your deposit. We also reserve the right to refuse to perform the procedure without giving a reason; in such a case, your deposit will also be refunded.
4.We recommend a consultation before the scheduled procedure to determine the design, size, method of execution, location, and other elements of the tattoo or piercing; however, it is not mandatory (subject to the next sentence). For intimate piercing procedures, a consultation before the procedure is mandatory. Before undergoing the procedure, you must fill out a “pre-procedure declaration,” and also mandatory familiarize yourself with any post-procedural consequences, as well as the tattoo/piercing care procedure.
5.Remember that tattooing is performed on skin, which as a substrate material, poses challenges, which also applies to piercing procedures. Due to individual characteristics of your skin such as age, elasticity, type, past or undetected conditions such as: active skin infections, keloids and hypertrophic scars, active infections, infection with HCV, HIV, HBV viruses, active cancer, multiple sclerosis, connective tissue diseases, sarcoidosis, active dermatological diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, isotretinoin treatment up to 3-6 months after its completion, immunosuppressive therapy, known allergies to dye, peripheral vascular diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, coagulation disorders, atopic dermatitis, dermatological conditions (psoriasis, flat lichen, vitiligo), or allergies, as well as the location of the procedure, may result in the final outcome differing from the chosen design. Proper care of the treated area after the procedure is also crucial, especially during the initial wound healing process. Therefore, you must follow the rules provided by the tattoo artist and piercer (the term “tattoo artist” in the following regulations also includes a piercer) as well as detailed care recommendations available on our website.
Piercing >>>
Tattoo >>>
6.Sterile tools and products are used for procedures at the Studio. Disposable products are disposed of according to the appropriate standards for hazardous waste after single use. Reusable tools undergo a process of disinfection and sterilization according to their instructions for use after each procedure. Surfaces inside the Studio are disinfected with appropriate surface disinfectants. Products intended for procedures, including dyes, meet the applicable standards and certifications.
7.You must not undergo the procedure under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances. In case the tattoo artist suspects your condition, they may refuse to perform the procedure. In such a case, the Studio retains the deposit without the possibility of you demanding its refund.
8.During the procedure, cooperate with the tattoo artist and adhere to the sanitary rules that will be individually explained to you, especially refrain from touching tattooing equipment or other products, and address any concerns, particularly regarding the design, promptly during the procedure. For the comfort of other clients and tattoo artists, avoid loud conversations (including phone calls), refrain from playing loud music, and behave in a manner deemed culturally appropriate. In the event of your failure to adhere to these rules, the tattoo artist may withdraw from the procedure and refuse to continue.
9.The procedure may be interrupted in case of deterioration of your well-being or an improper reaction of your body to the procedure (especially concerning the skin).
10.The tattoo artist may change the agreed-upon appointment if they deem that performing the procedure at the scheduled time is not advisable due to your poor health condition, especially the condition and state of your skin, and also if a previously done tattoo is not adequately healed.
11.We are not responsible for your body’s reactions to the products used, especially dyes, as well as other materials and elements used during the piercing procedure, nor for your failure to adhere to post-procedural care instructions. The process of tattooing, in rare cases, may result in intensified itching, allergic reactions to dyes, formation of keloids or hypertrophic scars, granulomatous reactions, skin reactions during MRI examinations, and after sun exposure.
In addition to the information provided at the studio, detailed recommendations regarding care instructions can be found on our website:

12.As a rule, we perform procedures on individuals who are 18 years old or above. In some cases, we may also perform procedures on individuals between the ages of 16 and 18. In such cases, the presence of a parent or legal guardian is required both when scheduling the appointment and during the procedure itself. Their identity must be confirmed by appropriate documents. We do not accept written consent or declarations from other family members.

13.If you have any doubts regarding the healing process of the tattoo or its care, please contact us immediately in person, by phone, or via email.
14.In our premises, there is an absolute prohibition on smoking tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, consuming alcohol, any intoxicating substances, as well as the presence of animals. In order to ensure hygienic working conditions, there is also a prohibition on consuming meals. For safety reasons, please do not bring children with you.
15.For the promotion of our work, we reserve the copyright to tattoos done in the Studio (including their designs) and their photographs. By choosing to have a procedure done with us, you consent to this. Replicating a tattoo in another salon based on a design created by us in the Studio without prior written consent from the tattoo artist will constitute a violation of copyright laws and may expose you to legal consequences.
16.Any complaints should be reported in person to the Studio manager at either ul. Karmelicka 9, 31-133 Kraków or al. Zygmunta Krasińskiego, no. 1, 31-111 Kraków, or by email at The tattoo artist is not authorized to make statements on behalf of the Studio or to accept complaints. We do not take responsibility for any individual arrangements you make with the tattoo artist that go beyond this regulation.