Tekla did her first tattoo in 2009, just before starting her engineering studies.
She recalls her 'first tattoo time' with a slight smile. She started tattooing in 2015, at that time travelling between Krakow and Tri-city to choose Krakow as the final location. She calls herself an "old school" tattooer, according to which a tattooist must be able to create both a mandala and a portrait. This allows her to practice in both lines and shadows.
Her ideal project is based on the study of the face, hands depicted in a highly contrasted composition,
in which there is also space for animal elements. In her projects you can also find elements of neotraditional tattooing or more dark portrait forms with a lot of black.
Tekla loves music, she graduated from music school and
has performed in Krakow Philharmonic.
When she’s not tattooing, she plays the piano.
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