It all started in 2017, when Nina quit computer graphics in favour of illustration and created her first portfolio. From 2018 she was already perfecting her craft as an apprentice. She has been tattooing full time since 2019. Her designs are based on very colourful neo-traditional style, which is evolving all the time, towards newschool or a modernized Japanese style. She works mainly in colours, sometimes making designs in greys and blacks for a change. She loves animation and film themes.
She likes to add floral and anime elements to her designs.
Nina is in love with the works of Hayao Miyazaki and the colourful worlds created by Blizzard, especially World of Warcraft.
When she's not tattooing she sews plushies, sculpts,
listens to crime-themed podcasts or trains with her beloved border collie dog.
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