COVID-19 New sanitary regime

New rules

We have been following the highest sanitary rules for years, and safety has always been a priority for us. Now in our studios you will also find a few new rules that will allow us to take even more care of your safety and comfort.

We are waiting for you in face masks and disinfectants. There are tattooing stations adapted according to the new sanitary standards. Trained tattooists, piercers and staff are waiting.

We are ready for everything, but safety is also up to you, so we have introduced additional procedures which are valid until further notice:

Making an appointment

– only scheduled clients may be present in the studio

– reservation can be made:

– by e-mail at

– by Messenger

– by telephone 502-045-009/Jubilat/ and 518-191-251/ Szpitalna/

– consultation and project design directly with the tattoo artist, if possible, will take place online before the date scheduled for the tattoo,

– only healthy people can enter the studio, i.e. those who do NOT have symptoms indicating COVID-19 infection (dyspnea, coughing, high body temperature, rhinitis and headache), are NOT undergoing mandatory isolation or quarantine, do NOT live with a person who is undergoing mandatory isolation or quarantine.

If you have any of these alarming symptoms, please contact us before the session.


 – can only be performed in Szpitalna Street, during extended working hours (9:00-20:00, Saturdays: 9:00-15:00)

– in the studio, we accept only previously scheduled clients

Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail or online via the calendar.

A visit at the studio

– please arrive on time to the studio wearing a face mask; mouth and nose must remain covered during the service,

– Disinfect your hands before entering the studio and follow the information and/or instructions received from our employees,

– please keep a distance when contacting with any of the tattoo artists or any employee of our studio if it is not directly related to the performed service,

– mobile phones cannot be used during the service,

– we kindly invite only the scheduled clients to the studio, without any accompanying persons,

– for all-day sessions there is a break for eating, out of the studio; the water in the studio can only be provided by an employee,

– in Jubilat, due to the lack of a terminal, only cash payment is available,

– in the case of the utmost necessity, your data may be transferred to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate or other emergency services (according to Article 9(2)(i) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 in connection with the Act of 2 March 2020 on special arrangements for preventing, preventing and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crises caused by them (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 374)).

At the same time in the studio there can by only:

– in the Jubilat, 12 clients

– on Szpitalna Street, 15 clients (in all rooms)